Language is the basis of not only learning, but of a student’s intellectual, social, and emotional growth. A strong grasp of language will help your child understand the concepts and ideas encountered in any school subject, as well as allow him or her to communicate effectively with other people in all kinds of situations.

Effective English language learning is not only about having strong reading, writing and speaking skills, but also about using language to engage with the world. Since language is also the basis for culture and identity, having strong skills in this area will help your child solidify their sense of self, of who they are and their place in society, and build their confidence in navigating their way through the world.

​Language is a powerful tool that your child will be able to use throughout his or her life, in all areas of life.

In the primary grades (JK to Grade 5), language learning focuses on:

  • Phonics, reading, writing
  • Reading comprehension and understanding instructions
  • Vocabulary
  • Descriptive writing
  • Oral communication

In the junior grades (Grades 6-8), language learning focuses on:

  • Writing longer articles and forming persuasive arguments
  • Research process, brainstorming and developing ideas
  • Descriptive writing, creative writing
  • Speaking and presentation

In high school (grades 9-12), language learning focuses on:

  • Essay writing, persuasive/argumentative writing, proper citation format
  • Research process, brainstorming and developing ideas, thesis development
  • Creative writing
  • Synthesizing big picture thinking with details
  • Reading for meaning/significance, literature, literary devices, strategies to decode unfamiliar words
  • Writing reports (including scientific and research reports)
  • Speaking and presenting to different audiences and for different purposes

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